Learning more than the basics

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. For my first post I wanted to talk about getting more out of your coding education. Currently I’m enrolled in Free Code Camps path to become a Full Stack Developer. I’m mainly using Free Code Camp because of it’s structured curriculum and certificate program. But what I’ve noticed is the programs have a tendency to teach you very basic concepts and for a person that wants to get ahead of their education or rather catch up with the industry, it’s not enough. So I’ve found some great resources and books to read in conjunction with my education there such as Javascript & Jquery  Interactive Front-End Web Development  by Jon Duckett and his HTML and CSS  by the same author. Also Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke has been a great help.

Unfortunately, the most frustrating thing is not exactly knowing what you need to know. I’m trying to focus on a few things so I can specialize but I find myself deeply in need of a mentor, someone to share in my journey from newbie to craftsman. Someone to pair program with and bounce ideas off of. So far I do feel accomplished I have a few basic projects done by way of the bonfire challenges on Free Code Camp and there will be more to come. I will be attending my first meetup with fellow coders this Saturday and I will have a list of questions to ask and hopefully I get to pair program a bit. Thanks for reading guys. I will be back soon with more of my self taught coding adventures.


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