I been studying!

Yo! I’ve been studying all day long. Off and on since about 5 in the morning. It is now 8 o clock and I think I’m a go till about 11 pm. I’m finally over the initial frustration of not knowing how to do a few things because today I figured a lot of stuff out. Example… for my FCC project I had to make a portfolio page using bootstrap. I made a pretty rough layout you know beginner stuff… and I’ve been coming back to update it every time I learn something new or interesting. I had a problem where I couldn’t get the links to line up and space evenly at the bottom of my page in the contact section. So I worked on it and worked on it and worked on it and worked on it….. until I finally came across a few playlist today on responsive design and bootstraps grid system. All which were supplied by The Net Ninja via YouTube. After going through the playlist and trying out a few configurations Bammmmm!!!!!! lightning striked. More importantly I want to convey how important it is to leverage your resources… read…. take the time to thoroughly comb through online resources. Another message I want to get across is hope… I’m a complete beginner but I’ve learned a lot thanks to 1 thing…. PERSISTENCE!!!!!!!! Work at you craft everyday that way it stays fresh in your mind. Go over tutorials to get those synapses to make connections. I find myself writing down JavaScript functions at work just to make sure I understand them completely. All in all, I’m excited to go to  my first meetup this Saturday. I know the Portland, Or coding community is awesome. I hope I’m welcomed.


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