The Interleaving Effect

Hey everyone just wanted to leave a few gems with you before I head to bed. Of course I been studying. But what I want you to know about studying is just going over material is not an effective way to learn. I find that I have to mix up what I’m studying some time in order to maintain my attention and passion, while also boosting my learning of the study. While doing this I came across an interesting study on the topic of interleaving and how studying related skills and concepts can boost learning. So instead of studying AAABBBCCC you should be studying more like ABCABCABC.

So tonight I studying JavaScript for an hour, then I switched over to JQUERY for an hour, and lastly I moved on to Node.JS. Now you may be thinking that you have to know one before the other but no the great part about interleaving is it improves the brain’s ability to tell apart, or discriminate, between concepts. So you don’t have to worry about not being able to distinguish between the different ways the language and it’s frameworks can be applied. Next I like to test whether interleaving will be effective while learn different programming languages with similarities such as Python/Ruby or Java/C++. Lastly, you can check out these gems and learn for yourself along with the sites I use to keep up on my studies in the links below. Happy Learning Everyone.



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