I solved FizzBuzz today!!! The first part anyway. In an exercise from elequent javascript they ask you to write a function to print the numbers from 1 through 100. For number divisible by 3 print fizz, and for numbers divisible by 5 print buzz. I easily wrote a function capable of the task after a few revisions. Now for the second part which was for any number divisible by both 3 and 5 print fizzbuzz. This part was a little harder expecially since the way I structured the first part of my code left no room for additions. So I ended up asking for the solution. Instead of just saying ohhhhhh. I went over it. I tried to understand how to think about about the solution, which is what coding is suppose to do teach you how to think. The way I see instead of looking at fizzbuzz as a and/or type solution meaning if/else you have to see it as simply an “and” type solution if/if. More details coming soon including code examples. I have to go to work. Peace

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