New coders need to know

I just had a very awesome moment of clarity. Last night I stayed up all night going through a few tutorials and finishing off some Free Code Camp curriculum and I finally got to the algorithm challenges. Now this is what I love about connecting the dots as Steve Jobs said in his most awesome Stanford commencement speech you can only connect the dots looking backwards. So here’s the set-up. I was working on the Reverse a String algorithm challenge and I got partially stuck. The reason I say partially is because I setup my algorithm perfectly and I knew this but I kept getting the wrong output. I diagnosed that the .reverse() function wasn’t reversing the string which was “hello”. So I gave myself a break and went to sleep. When I woke up I did some light reading and found an amazing article What you can learn in 10 minutes  .

What this article taught me about is being able to properly diagnose your problems when coding is whats makes a person a great coder. Now with this new found clarity I went back and thought about what happened when I returned my function. I noticed that instead of becoming “olleh” it became “hello”. So in diagnosing that I figured I probably need to split the letters up somehow so I can reverse them individually. So a few “” here and a few “” there and walllla the string returned back reversed. I’m happy…. I love solving problems…. I love connecting the dots. I feel so accomplished in my 1 month of coding everyday. I hope this reaches someone. I hope my resources can set someone on the right path or at least inspire. Anyways Be Good everyone Peace.


2 Replies to “New coders need to know”

  1. The reason you needed to split was to convert to an array. String doesn’t have a reverse method in the base structure. Good job solving the problem!


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