A great exercise in interleaving

I thought of a wonderful exercise to do in order to test my knowledge of javascript. If you’ve read my previous post you’d know I’ve been studying using the interleaving method. Which is instead of studying one subject at a time you study several other related subjects together. So today I have a great example of that and a perfect way to practice it. Today, I wrote a form for my union in order to file grievances from the internet instead of using the old paper method. I used a lot of jquery to target the elements, hide, show, fade in, and fade out. After I was finished I wondered how much of this could I accomplish using vanilla javascript.  I wanted to post this so others who use jquery to speed up the development process try harder to learn the language behind the framework. Also I find that while doing this I  easily found the holes in my knowledge of javascript..So there it is next time you code something in jquery try to redo the same task in javascript. It’ll be a great way to learn while also reinforcing the knowledge using interleaving. Check out my previous blog post for a more in depth discussion of the interleaving effect.

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