I know this will help someone.

Don’t be afraid to be your own mentor. Hahaha. I know…. I know. What I mean by that is when you’re stuck on a problem that is outside of your range of knowledge, simply find the answer. For example I been working on the FCC algorithm challenges and I found myself stuck a few times. Of course do what they tell you to do READ-SEARCH-ASK. Doing these steps will is the only way you’ll be able to gain the necessary knowledge needed to solve the current problem and the next. But once that fails save yourself some time guilt free by looking up the answer. BUT here’s the catch when you find the answer you must make sure you understand the solution before you go on. Failing to understand the solution will only harm you in the challenges to come and seriously this isn’t a game this is your education you can’t just cheat your way to the end. So all you Code Newbies out there don’t feel bad if you can’t find your way on your own. Just make sure you have a solid understanding of the material afterward and become the great coder you were meant to be.


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