PHP & Apache over JavaScript and Node

First and foremost, let’s do an experiment. Go to and first type in node.js. Now take a look at the results.


Now for our next experiment, I want you to go back to google and type in PHP and observe greatness…


9 billion results my friend…

Ok, Node let us try this one more time I’ll even give you a handicap and type javascript that should cover everything right…

javascript pic

LOL, Even the backbone of the web can’t even stand up against the almighty PHP. Alright for all of you wondering why this matters


  •  As a code newbie, you are going to run across all types of problems, errors, misunderstanding, bad tutorials, outdated tutorials, new books, old books, etc. You get the message. Php has a community that is 10x more deeply rooted than the up and coming node.js.
  • Next thing is I thought about my problems that I needed to solve. As of right now, I’m working on a form for the ‘American Postal Worker Union’ that submits information to a database and emails a confirmation to the union steward. In this situation and in any you always need to think about the job, not the tools.

PHP has a wealth of information about security and submitting information to databases. And as for my current problems such as creating a website that uses login credentials and accepts user uploads, I find that PHP will be more enough for the task.

Don’t make the mistake of blindly following the trends in order to keep up with the Joneses. We all know what happens to those guys.'Well, well! It's the Joneses and their neighbors, who I see are still managing to keep up with them'


Good luck on your coding journey code newbies and check out mmtuts for great PHP tutorials.

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