Get what you’re worth

Motivational speaker and successful businessman, Jim Rohn, stated during one of his many seminars “You get paid for bringing value to the marketplace, and if you’re not very valuable you don’t make much money.” That statement should guide you on your journey of becoming a software engineer. Money is not the most important thing in the world, I personally will put family and health as the most valuable aspects of human existence. But when it comes to judging your skills as an entrepreneur or as an employee, your value is determined in dollars. And the only successful way to increase that dollar amount is by increasing your value. How much value are you bringing to the marketplace? What have you done to empower other people and/or businesses around you? These are all questions that you should ask yourself in order to assess where you’re going and how fast you’ll get there at any moment.


If you know it… Show it

Right now you’re building your skills as a software engineer which involve hours of personal development that will eventually lead you to become valuable to someone. But if you’re like most self-taught developers, who have become uninspired by their current job, then you want a new life sooner than later. If that’s the case then the rest is simple, it’s time you start to bring value to the marketplace. How many businesses can you find on google maps who have bad websites or older non-responsive sites? I know of at least 50. These are all potential clients that you could be bringing value to by giving them a modern website. Don’t wait for them to come to you, start working right away. How many friends you know that could use some help landing a job. Your skills could help them move forward. Check it out.




I wrote their resume and made them a website so they could get a job paying 20 dollars an hour. I essential brought value to the marketplace. Your skills as a software engineer are more valuable than you can imagine. You’re at a time in your life where you have to forego money for the experience. Only then will you be more capable of bringing value and having a matching portfolio that says so.



“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” -John Rohn

I don’t know your goals. I can’t understand your life neither/or can I fathom your circumstances. But it is imperative that you learn what discipline means to your success. From your results, I can accurately judge your attitude and your discipline. If you constantly start things and don’t finish them, I can tell. If your GitHub is full of fluff and initial commits, I can tell. If you write a blog post every now and then, but your post constantly lacks purpose, enthusiasm, and drive I can tell and EMPLOYERS can too. You have to make a decision to make personal development the most meaningful part of your life’s journey. Don’t look back and regret the countless hours you spent watching television and giving toxic people your time.

You are the business

What you probably don’t realize right now is you are a business. As famed web developer James Altucher once stated in his amazing article “How to quit your job the right way”, view your life as a business. You rent yourself to other businesses at a portion of the profits they will make off you. This is possible because of the value you haven’t revealed to the market yet. By allowing yourself to be rented out, you will never reach full market value for your work. I encourage you to engage in activities that will bring your market value into the full view of the world.

Want to get a job? Start a Business!

Create your own job. Practice the discipline and skills you’ve learned by creating a viable business. Make a short term goal to get at least 6 client projects under your belt. Start reading more about what it takes to run a successful business and learn how to learn more effectively. During this time you will amass skills in sales, marketing, problem-solving, negotiation, time management, and most of all people skills. These are all skills that directly translate to being valuable. Even if starting a business in web-design isn’t what you want, it still lines up with the bottom line, gaining skills to make yourself more valuable to the marketplace. With those steps taken it would be impossible for you to interview and not land at least a mid level position.


Whatever you do don’t give up. Make a covenant with yourself to not give up until…

Your happiness depends on it. Your life depends on its. You children depend on it. I made a pact with myself a while ago that I will value my time and others. That I will not only be good at what I do I will be great. I will dedicate my life to something more important than me. We as individuals don’t matter. It is the human race that will live on when we are no longer here ourselves. Your time is valuable so spend it getting all you can from every moment. Have the desire to change and double down on your goals today. I truly believe you can influence and empower the next generation.

Good Luck if you need it. But I’m sure you won’t if you made it this far.


Bonus: Successful People.

You ever notice that successful people study successful people. Warren Buffet who is famously known for consuming more books in a year then more Americans will in a life time, talks about studying the Mellon brothers, J. D. Rockefeller,  and Andrew Carnegie. If you take the time to study people like this you will see that all of them had so much in common. They all worked amazingly hard towards their goals. It is the deciding factor in any success story. Successful People don’t put other successful people on a pedestal. They dissect what makes them successful and apply the lessons to their own lives.

An intelligent person realizes what separates them from Einstein is decades of focus and dedication toward one’s own craft. Einstein lived and breathed physics, he constantly pondered the mysteries of the universe. How much time are you willing to dedicate towards your greatness? How much does it mean to you? I leave you with a young physicist named Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski. She has become widely known as “The New Einstein”. Pasterski will tell you that she has never drunk alcohol or had a cigarette, and doesn’t have a presence on social media at all. Paterski unlike most people in the world today doesn’t even own a smartphone. Need I say more?

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